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I help founders level up their businesses, and find time freedom
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My two big loves in work are (a) the world of business, and (b) empowering others. How lucky am I to be in a position to combine the two?

I founded my first business in 2013. The first year or two were hard, and the bank account didn't even begin to reflect the effort I was putting in. I decided to get a business coach, and within a year, Londonderry & Brook was transformed. By 2018 it had become a business of value, and I was approached for an acquisition. The deal was sealed, transition was smooth, and exit in November 2021 successful.

In 2020 I was gifted the opportunity to reflect and get perspective, and realised that I wanted nothing more than to empower other small business owners. To level up their businesses through better understanding, and putting themselves in a position where the company could run without them.

My methodology includes a blend of consulting and coaching. Consulting involves an audit of the existing structure, for opportunities to improve. Offering input from my own experience, I guide you to implement changes. Coaching entails identifying and overcoming obstacles such as mindset and relationship dynamics, providing the client with lifelong benefits.

The net result for clients is getting unstuck. Clarity, confidence, and courage enable business growth, and provide much needed and deserved time freedom.

Prior to coaching, I've primarily worked in the advertising and marketing industry, where I served well known brands like Spar, Belgotex, The Oyster Box, and Unilever. I place massive emphasis on professionalism, processes, profitability and the customer experience.

I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified Professional Coach, trained to hold space for clients in a kind, supportive, non-judgemental way. By asking the right question, at the right time, and in the right way, I help you access your own experience and intuition for solutions. So you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

To receive the full benefit of coaching, I recommend a commitment of at least 6-12 months. You are welcome to reach out to me for a free discovery call. If we're a good fit, and you see the value in my work, I'd love to help you level up.

You can reach me by email on on LinkedIn.

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