Do you want to start a new business, or expand your current business online? Maybe you and your partner have an amazing idea but neither of you knows how to get going. Are you looking for a website quote but are worried about hidden costs down the line?

If you’re on a budget, your business operations must inform your strategy, not the other way around.

You may want to sell your products overseas, but can you deliver them to international customers in time and at a price point they are prepared to pay? If you’re selling your time, have you got support staff to handle your admin? Have you found a reputable accountant, or had proper terms and conditions of trade drawn up?

A brilliant business idea must be practical and affordable.

How do you know if it’s practical? You and I will sit down and answer all the difficult questions before you start. We will break your idea down into its moving parts and see how it all fits together. Often strategy needs to be tweaked to fit into reality. By the end, you’ll know if you have a workable idea and how to get going, or if you need to go back to the drawing board.


A ‘black swan’ is an event that’s unpredictable, surprising, and out of the ordinary – something that causes your life to take a different turn. A business strategist can help you to see steps you may not have otherwise considered – the ones that could set you on a new path and change your life.

I provide small business strategy sessions and session packages to help people make the big decisions: “Should I start my business?”; “How do I grow my business?” and “Is it time to walk away and try something else?”. I also offer two, more focused sessions: Email Marketing Tactics and Website Tactics.

If you’re on a budget, I believe that it’s critical to your success that your operations inform your strategy and not the other way around. In other words, your strategy needs to be determined by what you can realistically afford to do.

If you have an idea or a plan but are not sure how to get going, I can help. We can start with a FREE 15 minute discovery call over Skype. If you decide I can offer you value, you can book a strategy session, a strategy package, or a more specialised email marketing or website tactics session. I started my first business, Trade and Lateral Development, in May 2000, when I was a nineteen-year-old out of work actress who needed to feed herself on her way to stardom. It’s been a helluva ride. Here’s to new adventures!

Speak soon, Michelle


Iske de Lange

“Michelle is warmhearted, to-the-point, and extremely solution-orientated. She helped me validate my own challenges as a business owner and she was very intentional about laying out all the possible solutions to solve or better those challenges. Most importantly, she didn’t suggest idealistic work strategies, she helped me identify my unique work style and how to play to my strengths to really lean into my work mojo. I would totally recommend a strategy session with her.”

Marina Tapia

“My strategy session with Michelle had all the ingredients I needed to build the next steps in my career: empathy, outsider vision, practicality, encouragement and guidance. By asking those questions I would have never thought on my own, she helped me visualise better the possible paths to follow to reach my overall objective. She is also a great “simplifier”, in my view the most precious asset when doing business. Finally, she opened my mind to new possibilities, by suggesting how my current skills can be utilised in different business areas. As a result I walked out of the session feeling empowered and with a “clear mind”.”

Hope is not a strategy.