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Hi, I'm Tina B, Surgery and Hope coach!
I help women who are fearful or unsure about upcoming surgery or medical events to prepare mentally, physically & spiritually every step of the way (pre, during & post surgery) so they can face the event with confidence and even excitement for a successful outcome.
As a Hope coach I help women who are stuck, lost, unmotivated or unsure of their next step, (often as a result of a disease or terminal illness diagnosis or life tragedy) to navigate the difficult situation and together we will create the route to get you back on track to where you always wanted & absolutely deserve to be in life, with Hope for the future!
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I'm Tina B and I was born with heart disease, pulmonary hypertension and other problems. The outlook for my future wasn't a positive one. My parents were told that if I managed to live to be a teenager it would be a miracle.
I am now well passed my teens and living an incredible life! As the longest living survivor in Africa to have had a heart and bilateral lung transplant, I have looked death in the eye and defeated it! With my proven strategies we can get you to your most incredible life too!
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