Short Description
I am a Life and Business Coach. I coach clients remotely.
My areas of expertise are Career Coaching, Business Coaching for Solopreneurs and Social Media Marketing.
I work with clients who want to surface and work on any blind spots that may be getting in their way of living in their potential. Together we create a focused, customised action plan for the client to get the results they want and need.
Long Description

Coaching is a professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual (the client).
Through the coaching conversation, clients learn about the mindset, skills and actions relevant for them to utilize going forward. With this customized learning, the client gains the clarity and insight they need in order to move forward with the most effective and achievable actions for sustainable success. The client can expect accelerated progress as the coach offers focus and awareness for possibilities leading to more effective choices.

My clients are usually Millennials who:
Are transitioning between careers or looking for the right career
Are working towards a promotion or preparing for an interview
Want to increase their confidence
Want to find and step into their authentic self
Want to find their purpose and align their plan towards living in their purpose
Want to start their own business or scale their side-hustle
Want to show up as an expert in their field on Social Media (in their videos and content!)
Want to learn how to use Social Media effectively (organically, ethically and authentically)

Contact Person
Krystle Kustanovich
072 345 0874
1 Albion Springs Close
Cape Town
ZIP Code