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Building HR Capability (BHRC) focuses on the optimisation of all people and related processes and systems to enhance organisational capability which enables business growth
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If businesses in the same industry have similar access to resources, information and markets the potential competitive advantage must lie the people they employee and develop. To turn potential into reality a company needs to recruit, develop, manage and retain the right people for the right jobs. This requires a combination of line manager competence, HR capability to support the business and business intelligence to enable quantifiable people management practices. Building HR Capability across Africa (BHRC), focuses on building the HR capability of the organisation as a whole. This includes the people and related processes and systems that enhances how human capital is optimized.
We have extensive experience in all aspects relating to human capital management across the employee life cycle. This includes, reviewing current HR processes and systems, developing new or enhancing existing processes and systems, coaching line managers and HR practitioners to enable business continuity.

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Corlia Peters
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