Short Description
Manufacturer of bespoke and range styles of fashion clothes in pure silks, cotton, linen and wool.
specializing in ladies and kids
Long Description

Epiphany Clothing was created for the love of natural fiber.
I have worked in the retail industry for over 20 years, and my deep need was to design and manufacture for people that want to wear only natural fibre.

With awareness of how the product we buy affects our environment and us,... I felt compelled to start creating and producing clothes that have a less harmful impact .
I have started out with ladies,.. commercial and bespoke... next branching to childrens-wear...or sleepwear. There is too much poly on kids sleepwear market. Designs and fabrics are well researched before production .

Contact Person
Deshnee Narasimulu
129 Drewstead Road
Reservoir Hills
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