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Drawing and Processing of Building Plans and Town Planning applications including Occupation Certificates
Long Description

Often the building plans need to be drawn up so that the owner of the property can either sell or update their plans in general. We have in-house Architects that will do the building plans.

When the owner of the property wants to do alternations to their building; we offer this service in house at a reduced rate.

We handle client’s council matters that Developers, Architects and People don’t have the time, patience or the resources to handle these tasks themselves. We communicate regularly; give feedback to all involved, making the process less stressful and more value added towards the project.
•Submit – collate of all necessary documents and sign off in order to submit the plans to council.
•Track – keep you informed of where your file is in the process and make sure that it does not sit unattended.
•Manage – feed necessary information to council and resolve issues / referrals.
•Feedback – give you constant feedback.

We monitor the file through the process checking on the status regularly to make sure your file is not forgotten and you remain informed.
We solve the problems that arise, facilitate the resolving of referrals, resubmit for the client and get the project back on track.
We treat your submission as though it is the most important project because we know that it is more than just a building.

In many instances this is needed as something on its own. Property Owners find themselves without one. We take this task up and we co-ordinate the Architects, council and suppliers needed to get your Occupational Certificate.

We offer an extension of services that are flexible to Town Planners, Developers, Architects and Property Owners including the everyday person who needs council matters resolved or handled.

• Building Plan Running
• Occupation Certificates
• Relaxation Applications
• Encroachment Apps
• Site Development Apps
• Consolidation Apps
• Sub-division Apps
• Bulk plan follow ups for Estates
• Special Consent Apps
• Council Enquires
• Document source / collect / submit / follow up
• Sale of house paperwork prep

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