Name: Anthony Dumas
Business Name: Monteagle Group
Business Description: Procurement, supply-chain and risk management business.

1. How long have you been operating?
25 years

2. How did you start your business?
Through a kick up the arse from a friend’s dad, my second dad, who told me he would never employ me as I must work for myself. He helped me set up my first business in partnership with him, the rest is history.

3. How old were you when you started it?

4. What can you tell us to show the scale of your business?
Today we employ around 1000 people, handle close to 10 000 x 20 ft containers per month and have offices in 15 countries.

5. What are the best and worst parts of your job?
Dealing with people and dealing with people! Why? We have a great team and going to work every day to work with them is a highlight for me, but when internal politics clouds the end game, that makes for my worst.

6. What was the hardest lesson you had to learn in business?
We learn every day, so hard to tell. But if I had to choose I would go along with Warren Buffett in saying “you can’t do good business with bad people”. Often in your pursuit to grow, you partner with people whom you know are not a fit, but you chase the deal – it always ends badly. Today we never do it!

7. Did you ever want to quit and, if so, what did you do to overcome it?
Yes, but the reality of what will I do then, how much I will be missing, and if I had to invest I would invest in our business, always brought me back from the dead.

8. What are/were you most grateful for while running your business?
Our team and my business partners.

9. What has the potential to keep you up at night?
A good steak, some red wine and solid business conversation; otherwise nothing.

10. Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs starting out?
The millennials of today are used to instant gratification and business doesn’t work like that. The harder you work the more you move forward, that 4 hour work week is bullshit! So stay focused, work hard and you will achieve.